Data from CompuPed 4.0 Pedigree Program

Clayhill's Harley Hog
Breed: American Bulldog 
Color: Brindle & White 
Sex: M
30 Gen IC: 0.00000%
Bred by: Clayhill Farms 
Owned by: Byron Vines 
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Joshua's Elijah, 12-29-1996, White & Brindle, B602-885, IC= 0.00000   Joshua's Sand Valley Sam, White & Brindle, B400-455, IC= 0.00000   Etowah Chief,   Jones' Sam, White & Brindle,   Jones' Bear,  
Jones' Sand Valley Queen,  
White Queen,   Jones' Big Man,  
Jones' Roxy,  
Elmer's Lady,   Jones' Tough Boy,   Prince,  
Rosie Girl,   Smith's Big Boss,  
Lady Anne,  
Joshua's Maxi Lou of S.V., 12-16-1993, White, B400-326, IC= 17.18750   Max,   Grand Cham Scott's Dixieman,   Johnson's Dick the Bruiser,  
Scott's Dixie Bell,  
Shack-A-Jewell of OHK,   Dixie Black Jack of OHK,  
Scott's Lady Lujo II,  
Dixie Magnolia II of OHK,   Maxwell's John Wayne,   Grand Cham Scott's Dixieman,  
Maxwell's Dixie,  
Scott's Lady Lujo II,   Scott's Bruiser Rhoe Hoe,  
Scott's Honey Gal,  
Clayhill's Belle, White, IC= 0.00000   Hardy's Q Ball, IC= 0.00000   Pearce's Coty,   Hodge's Butch,   ,  
Hodge's Lady,   Parker's Pandora,  
Parker's Love A Lot,  
Pearce's Sadie,   Dekle's Chip,   Teal's Shine,  
Teal's Peaches,  
Pearce's Dutchess,   Lawson's S.F.,  
Lawson's Rosey,  
Clayhill's Millicent, White, IC= 0.00000   Berry's Bull,   Hutto's Shorty,   Hutto's Hank,  
Hutto's Hannah,  
Hutto's Salt & Pepper,   McRea's Rocky,  
McRea's Snoopy,  
Berry's Jazzmine,   Stacey's Spanky,   ,  
Stacey's Julie,   Redmon's Garth,  
Redmon's Jessibell,