Laura's Lady Lucinda
Breed: American Bulldog 
Color: White & Brindle 
Sex: F
Born: 01-20-1999
Reg.# B609-936 
0 Gen IC: 0.00000%
Bred by: Lemuel Miller 
Owned by: Laura Kennels 
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
ROK Eli of Joshua, White & Brindle, B602-878, IC= 0.00000   Joshua's Sand Valley Sam, White & Brindle, B400-455, IC= 0.00000   Etowah Chief,   Jones' Sam, White & Brindle,   Jones' Bear,  
Jones' Sand Valley Queen,  
White Queen,   Jones' Big Man,  
Jones' Roxy,  
Elmer's Lady,   Jones' Tough Boy,   Prince,  
Rosie Girl,   Smith's Big Boss,  
Lady Anne,  
Joshua's Shunammite, IC= 0.00000   Alford's Buddy,   Ol' McCullough,   Ralph's George,  
Ralphs Babe,  
Alford's Bess,   T-Roy,  
Mathes' Lulu,   Chester,   Haven's Lynn,  
Mathes'Spice,   Ralph's Robert,  
Mathes' Suzie,  
Joshua's Zipporah, IC= 0.00000   Seiver's Dorian, IC= 0.00000   Iron Head Otis,   Crimson's Elrod, White & Brindle,   Johnson's Dozer Bruno,  
Ruby Farneti,  
Blackwell's Black-Eyed Susan,   Johnson's Bo Delux 4,  
Johnson's Tosh Zula,  
Moore's Maggie,   Blackwell's Studley DooRight,   Blackwell's Polar Bear,  
Blackwell's Black-Eyed Susan,  
Dees' Daisy Mae,   Oathout's Levi,  
Oathout's Sadie,  
Siever's Amellia, IC= 0.00000   Hines' Bossman,   Hines'Loki Von Sanctuary,   Morris's Gladiator  
Carpenter's Missy  
Stover's Beauty,   Williamson's Smitty,  
Smith's Meggie,  
Jenny Be Good,   Hines Hambone,   ,  
Evans Lucy,   ,