Laura's Song of the South aka "Suee"

OFA Good

Breed: American Bulldog 
Color: White & Brindled 
Sex: F
Born: 01-16-2003
Reg.# 03-900078927 
10 Gen IC: 0.00000%
Bred by:  Lem Miller
Owned by:  Laura Kennels
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Joshua's Ol' Southern White, 01-23-1997, White & Brindle, B602-877, IC= 0.00000   Joshua's Sand Valley Sam, White & Brindle, B400-455, IC= 0.00000   Etowah Chief,   Jones' Sam, White & Brindle,   Jones' Bear,  
Jones' Sand Valley Queen,  
White Queen,   Jones' Big Man,  
Jones' Roxy,  
Elmer's Lady,   Jones' Tough Boy,   Prince,  
Rosie Girl,   Smith's Big Boss,  
Lady Anne,  
Joshua's Shunammite, IC= 0.00000   Alford's Buddy,   Ol' McCullough,   Ralph's George,  
Ralphs Babe,  
Alford's Bess,   T-Roy,  
Mathes' Lulu,   Chester,   Haven's Lynn,  
Mathes'Spice,   Ralph's Robert,  
Mathes' Suzie,  
Joshua's OZ of Ashmore, 06-26-2000, white, B616-414, IC= 12.75187   Barry's Hoss the Boss, White, IC= 16.17562   Johnson's Dick the Bruiser 3,   Tuggs,   Johnson's Dick the Bruiser 2,  
Blackwell's Black-Eyed Susan,  
Sharlett,   Johnson's Red Machine 4,  
Johnson's Bella Rose,  
Johnson's Collette 5,   Crimson's Elrod, White & Brindle,   Johnson's Dozer Bruno,  
Ruby Farneti,  
Johnson's Collette 3, White & Brindle,   Johnson's Red Machine,  
Johnson's Collette,  
Ashmore's Guiness Xtra Stout, IC= 10.07693   Boyd's High Jumpin' Mikie, 04-13-1994,   Symmes's Rip N Woody, B100-153   Johnson's Red Machine,  
Johnson's Tosh,  
Boyd's Moleque, 09-11-1992, B200-321   Hines Country Boy,  
Hines' Snowbird(Dorsey's Flash),  
Barry's Whole Lotta Rosie,   Mullen's Bubba, White,   Johnson's Dick the Bruiser 2,  
Blackwell's Black-Eyed Susan,  
Mullen's Brandywyne,   Banuelos' Predator,  
Hines' Battle Axe,