Laura Kennels
Amos / Kitty Puppy

Born 07/29/19
Ready for Home 10/1/19

Amos  /   Kitty

Here Is A Picture Pedigree

Showing  Ancestors of Amos and Kitty
And The Pup Available This Combination Has Produced

Joshua's                 DMX's Eve of A.S.                 Laura's                                    Laura's                                       Joshua's                                     Joshua's                                     Laura's                       Laura's    
Jacob                       aka "Baby"                   Sugar Daddy                            I Get Misty                                        Bailey                                    Baby Love                                Sugar Daddy               I Get Misty

|______________________|                          |______________________________|                                        |_____________________________|                                                     |_____________|

 |                                                                    |                                                                                   |                                                                    |
Laura's MALACHI                             Laura's Ol' Fashion Girl SADIE                                  Joshua's ISAAC             Laura's Ol'Fashion Girl SADIE
|____________________________________|                                                    |____________________________|
        |                                                                                                                       |

Amos                                       Kitty            
85 lbs,  OFA Good                                                                                      80 lbs, OFA Good           

  Amos Pedigree                                                                                                                                   Kitty Pedigree                   

Female Pup #8
Weeks Old
(see her move)