Laura's Upsouth Annie
Breed: American Bulldog 
Color: white & dk brindle 
Sex: F
Born: 12-12-2002
Reg.# 03-900085870 
30 Gen IC: 3.16188%
Bred by:  
Owned by:  
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Laura's Rufus Payne of UpSouth, IC= 4.68750   Joshua's Ol' Southern White, 01-23-1997, White & Brindle, B602-877, IC= 0.00000   Joshua's Sand Valley Sam, White & Brindle, B400-455   Etowah Chief,   Jones' Sam,  
White Queen,  
Elmer's Lady,   Jones' Tough Boy,  
Rosie Girl,  
Joshua's Shunammite,   Alford's Buddy,   Ol' McCullough,  
Alford's Bess,  
Mathes' Lulu,   Chester,  
Laura's Miss Kitty, 12-16-1998, White & Brindle, B401-683, IC= 15.64892   Bear Paw's First Sargent, B602-572L   Bear Paw's Gambler of S.V., White & Brindle, B400-330   Jones' Chance of Sand Valley, 09-15-1994  
Jones' Bandit of S.V., 12-14-1993  
Bear Paw's Miss D-Meanor, White, B400-328   Bluegrass Napoleon,  
Watchdog Opal Stacy,  
Bear Paw's Red Dawg of S.V., White & Brindle, B601-375L   Jones' Chance of Sand Valley, 09-15-1994, White, B400-396   Williamson's Sport,  
Jones' Sand Valley Scarlett,  
Jones' Bandit of S.V., 12-14-1993, White & Brindle, B400-284   Joshua's Sand Valley Sam,  
Jones's Whitee,  
Flora Bama's Faylene, IC= 1.17595   Clayhill's Harley Hog, Brindle & White, IC= 0.00000   Joshua's Elijah, 12-29-1996, White & Brindle, B602-885   Joshua's Sand Valley Sam, White & Brindle, B400-455   Etowah Chief,  
Elmer's Lady,  
Joshua's Maxi Lou of S.V., 12-16-1993, White, B400-326   Max,  
Dixie Magnolia II of OHK,  
Clayhill's Belle, White,   Hardy's Q Ball,   Pearce's Coty,  
Pearce's Sadie,  
Clayhill's Millicent, White,   Berry's Bull,  
Berry's Jazzmine,  
Joshua's She's a Ruckus Too, White & Red, IC= 3.58397   Joshua's Raise A' Ruckus, 10-17-1997, White & Brindle, B401-387   Joshua's Caleb,   Dean's Jake,  
Kittle's Sissy,  
Bozeman's Baby Shaska, 01-28-1996, White & Brindled, S005974   Joe Bear,  
Joshua's Zipporah,   Seiver's Dorian,   Iron Head Otis,  
Moore's Maggie,  
Siever's Amellia,   Hines' Bossman,  
Jenny Be Good,