Data from CompuPed 4.0 Pedigree Program
Laura's Outrageous Cash
Breed: American Bulldog 
Color:  White
Sex:   F
Born:  1-21-09
Owned by:  Laura Kennels
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Lawson's Big Jake M's Casp Cleo Pete M's Ghost Casper  Hines Bossman Loki Von Sanctuary
Stover's Beauty
Sander's Kombat Hines Country Boy
Hines Lady Bird II
M's Snow Bird Cleo Doc's Pete Man of War
Barriet's Jessie
Larry's Thunder Willow Man of War
Barriet's Princess
Cool Red Thunderbird Casper's White Thunderbird M's Ghost Casper Hines Bossman
Sander's Kombat
Thunder Bird I Daguimol's Bully
 M's Snow Bird Cleo
M's Lady Vader Red M's Gorilla Man Doc's Pete
Black Buster's Abby Gail
Doc's Landshark Berriet's Big Boy
Barriett's Belle
Booker's Dottie of Laura Lorne's Bear I Know Joshua's Elijah Joshua's Sand Valley Sam Etowah's Chief
Elmer's Lady
Joshua's Maxi Lou  Jones' Max
Dixie Magnolia II of OHK 
Laura's I Get Misty Joshua's Ol Southern White  Joshua's Sand Valley Sam
Joshua's Shunnamite
Imperials Sheba Girl Martin's Chesty Puller 
Douthit's Norma Jean 
Laura's Upsouth Annie Laura's Rufus Payne Joshua's Ol Southern White Joshua's Sand Valley Sam
Joshua's Shunnamite
Laura's Miss Kitty Bear Paw's First Sargent
Bear Paw's Red Dawg 
Flora Bama's Faylene Clayhill's Harley Hawg Joshua's Elijah
Clayhill's Belle
Joshua's She's A Ruckus Too Joshua's Raise A Ruckus
Joshua's Zipporah