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Satisfied Customers
Bobby & Terri Bixler

New Mexico


Hi Lynn:                                                                                            

Got to looking at the photos and comments of all the folks that
have purchased AB's from Laura Kennels and I have to say I agree
100% about the kind, gentle, smart and loyal dogs your kennel
breeds. Being the proud owners of Sam (Crusher's Imperial Samson)
and Jackson (Laura's Mr. Jackson) is truly a blessing.

Sam is loving, strong, playful and master of his domain. He also
has an amazing ability to "talk" about everything!!!!. He truly
does not like unfriendly animals. He stands his ground without
being mean....but when push comes to shove...he shoves.

Jackson is smart, smart, smart !!!!! He too is coming into his
own very quickly. He is a kisser, snuggler, fighter, guard dog,
companion and stubborn boy who loves the smell and feel of
lavender lotion. Bed time for him (and us) is a hoot !!! I know
that many folks get AB's because of their working ability but I
tell you these two are the best family pets we have owned by far.
They protect their home and their sister Daisy with a vengeance
but are the best dogs to everyone who comes thru our front door.
I wouldn't trade either of my boys for all the money in the
world!!!! What I wouldn't do for another one.....except I think
it would push my husband over the edge. Many thinks to you and
Tom for all that you have done and the wonderful dogs you breed.
I appreciate the long talks we have had and it's nice to talk to
someone who doesn't yawn when I talk about "the boys". Thank you,
thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the best
doggies in the world.

Bobby and Teri Bixler