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2022 / 2023  Litters

We are planning our litters for this year and next year
Act now...there is a limited number of picks

Call or email regarding anticipated breedings and available pups
or to submit a deposit.

Frequently  Asked  Questions


The only true way to develop a strain is by line breeding and in-breeding
and then be smart enough to outcross before lines begin to degenerate.

Laura Kennels has established its reputation by careful thought and planning
of each and every litter



Folks Ask,
"How Do American Bulldogs
Adapt To The Water?"
Here Is A Brief Video
Showing A Laura Kennels Pup
Introduced To The Lake
"Lester"... One Year Old


100 lbs.
OFA Excellent -- NCL, HUU, DM, EIC and MDR-1 Clear*

See How Malachi Moves   

Malachi Alerts to ATV    

Malachi Guards Our Gate    

Dog Paddle

Malachi Teaches Calm Submission   

More Photos of Malachi    

Malachi is 100 lbs. of outstanding results of our breeding program. On the sire side, Malachi is bred from 3 legendary National Champions…Joshua’s Isaac, Joshua’s Ol’ Southern White aka "Josh," and Joshua’s Sand Valley Sam aka “Cowboy.” On his dam side he is out of Alan Scott’s DMX’s Eve of A.S.
who is a sister to Supreme Grand Champion OSW Crusher of Alan Scott.

* DM = Degenerative Myelopathy is an inherited disease of the spinal chord leading to paralysis of the hind legs
* EIC = Exercise Induced Collapse
* HUU = Uric Acid DNA or Hyperuricosuria is the inherited tendency to form bladder and kidney stones
* MDR1 = Multi-Drug Resistance makes a dog unable to eliminate the toxins present in many de-wormers

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis nervous disorders in canine breeds

 When Pick Up Day Arrives
The Pups Keep Asking...


Upon Arriving Home Malachi/Brick Male "Wally"
Gives His New Brother A High Five (or would that be a high FOUR?) 

               Malachi X Gabby Female "Pepper"
               Joins the Zych Family in Pennsylvania
Brian and Teresa Pick Up
Gabby Male "Ralph" 
En Route Back to Indiana

Gabby Female "Elisheba"
Meets Her Mom, Margaret
And Will Live In Alaska!


May Mobley Male "Gabriel"
Joins His Family
In Clermont, FL

Gabby Female "Rose"
Joins Craig and Gabriel
In Clermont

Gabby Male "Gunner"
With Joe Who Lives
In Pennsylvania
Malachi X May Mobley Female "Pearl"
Meets Her Parents Bruce and Kathy
With TWO Homes -- One In Illinois, One In Florida
Gabby Female "Maisy"
Finally Heads Home
With Megan Who Lives In
Kissimee, FL 
Malachi X Gabby Female "Otter"
Going Home with Sarah and Nikki

Who Live In South Carolina
Malachi X May Mobley Female "Gemma"
Joins Her Family
From  Davie, FL
Malachi X May Mobley Male "Ben" Leaves Laura Kennels
To Live With John & Jane
In Chicago
Malachi X May Mobley Female "Sadie"
Going Home With Wade & Sheila
To Boca Raton, FL 
"Malley May" Meets
Beth and Wendell
On Her Way Home To Arkansas 
Malachi X May Mobley Female
"Indy" Bonds With Her New
Pack Leader Dan in Boston 
"Koda King" Joins the Martins
Who Reside in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Colt Commander Linder
aka "Colt" Meets Brad
And Lives Large in Ocean Springs, MS 
"Olive" Meets Her New Family
On Her Way Home To Seattle
Malachi X Brick Female "Princess"
Meets the Spains
And Will Live In Temple, GA 
Malachi X May Mobley Male "Diesel"
Joins the Voorhies Family
For The Long Ride Back Home to Ohio
Malachi X Brick Female "Willow"
Amazes Her Big Sister
In Cutchogue, NY 
Malachi X May Mobley Male
"Ammunition" Heading Home To Maine
With The Parker Family

The Day Finally Arrives When Erica & Jason Fly In From Idaho
To Take Home Their Malachi/China Male Whom They Named "Gus"

8 weeks                                                     Departing Laura Kennels for Home In Arkansas                           5 Months Old        
With David & Lela
Malachi / China  Female "Callisto"
Born May, 2019

Malachi likes to greet folks when they come to pick up their pup

       Conner Meets His                        Malachi / Brick Female "Gracie"                                   Malachi / China Female            
Malachi / Alli Male Pup                         Meets the Severs Family                                 Meets Her New Mom & Dad         
      Naming Him "POTUS"                        Going Home to Davenport, FL                           Heading Home to Virginia           


Tarrin's sister, Brooke flew to Atlanta
And carried Malachi / China Female "Betty"
Home to her mom, Tarrin who lives in Rhode Island
Betty immediately bonded with big sister, Dakota

The Peterson's welcome their second Laura Kennels pup "Billie" traveling from Atlanta to California
Photos  of  Past  Litters
See What These Great Combinations Have Produced
(These photos are for reference only...
the pups shown in the links below already have forever homes)

Malachi & Brick

Malachi & May Mobley

Malachi & Gabby

Wondering What To Feed???
See Our Recommendations

Have You Thought About Pawternity Leave?

Please note: 
We have performed DNA screening on all our breeding stock in addition to thoroughly studying their pedigrees. 

Our goal is to produce the most excellent pups that we can.  
We aspire to place healthy, even-tempered American Bulldogs in good homes

We will post photos of pups for sale only after deposits are fulfilled. 
Should you have a deposit in on a female whose breeding does not take, we will contact you 
And will be happy to discuss your options including a refund of your deposit.  
Thanks for trusting Laura Kennels as the breeder of your new puppy.