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Just look at me now !!!!!

Malachi/Cash Pup 2/14/17                "Rosco" 16 weeks                                             Rosco 6 months                  
See more pics and Rosco's story


Malachi / Panda male pup born 10/26/15                    "Moses" at 1 year           

Lives with Matt in Ocala, Florida
Read Matt's Recommendation

Malachi / Panda Male Born 5/16                        "Blue" 4 weeks                          "Blue's" First Snow        

            "Blue" 8 months                                 "Blue" 10 months

See "Blue" Learning to Skateboard! 

"Blue" and JC bond more every day...................................At night JC prays, "Thank you God, for Blue"

Letter of Recommendation From Blue's Family

       "Sissy" at 8 wks                                                                                                                                       Sissy with Mark's daughter, Scarlet
Malachi / May Mobley Female Born 5/20/16
Lives In Central Florida
Mark Spann says, "She is only 18 months, but she trailed this deer more than 200 yards....she sure is a fine dog!"

Malachi / Jazz "BooRegard" born 9-9-16
Lives in Lloyd Harbor, NY

  2 weeks                                  Malachi / Sadie male "Jubal"                                      3 years

       Jubal on left, Rommy on right              Rommy and Jubal Rawlinson            Jubal on right, Rommy on left
      live in Auburn, AL

 4 weeks                               Malachi / China male "Rommy"                              3 years                 

Gator / JJ  Pup Born 1/30/16
"Lola" Fulfilled Her Destiny
And Said "Aloha" To Her New Family in Hawaii

Lola at 8 weeks

Lola at 20 months happy in Hawaii
Read How Lola Behaved At The Dog Park Recently

Gator / JJ  Female 8 weeks                                 "Casper" at 8 months                                              Casper at 20 months and 80 lbs

  2 years old and 72 pounds                                        At every stage of development, Casper loves her Dad

"Best Dog Ever"

2 weeks                                   Malachi / China Male Pup "Kane" Born 9/16                             8 weeks

Kane at 1 year old
Owner, Melinda writes, "He is a wonderful dog.   Although he would much rather curl up on the couch
than get out and exercise, once I get him out the door he's up for anything.   He's the best dog ever!"

"Thank you for our big baby!"

Malachi / Cash Male Born 10/7/15

Hailey's Kane 2 years old and 90 lbs
Hailey writes, "We couldn't be more thankful for him.  He is everything we could have asked for.
Kane loves to swim, run around our big yard, and snuggle every chance he gets!
He is full of joy, and we love him so much.    Thank you for our big baby!"

Arrives home to meet Erik in NY.....................Malachi / Panda Female "Missy" born 2017..........................At only 10 months Missy is developing nicely!

          4 wks                                           8 wks                                 20 wks
Gator / JJ  Female "Rain"
Rain at 7 months and 60 pounds.....................................then 15 months              
Owner Cynthia writes, "Rain has recently started barking when anyone comes to the door,
and I think that bark is enough to scare any bad guys away!"

"Bronson" at 4 - 8 weeks and just after he arrived home to his favorite orange rope toy

Bronson celebrates his first birthday with Jessica in Pennsylvania

Gator / JJ Pup 12 weeks                          Ursa 4 months                           Ursa 7 months

          Ursa 11 months.............Chillin' with Dad in his chair..........Chillin' in her own chair!

Video of Ursa In Training

                    Malachi / Cash male born 1-17-17           Living the good life with Kerri in MA         "Boo Radley" loves to climb

Never know what Boo (8 months) will see when he takes another peek...

2 months................................................................................................................................9 months
Gator / JJ pup "Caicedo" born 9/16
lives with Walter & Jonathan in Miami, FL

Malachi / Panda pup "Remi" born 5/16
Resides in NY with Katelyn

       Gator / JJ Pup "Zeus"...............Max meets Zeus........Zeus in training...........Zeus at 8 months...THEN


Zeus at 12 months and 88 pounds!

Zeus at 15 months

Zeus 20 months

Zeus 22 months

Isaac / Cash Female "Grace" age 4 weeks and 3 years

Isaac / Cash  Male "Duke" age 4 weeks and 3 years

Malachi / Panda pup born 5/16
"Panda 3" lives in MI with Emily

"Panda 3" at 8 weeks

"Panda 3" 8-12 months of age

 Gator / JJ pup at 6 weeks                                       Fred at 4 months                                                      Fred about 10 months

Fred at 11 months and living near Washington, DC

Isaac / Jazz pup at six weeks                                         Stella at one year

Isaac / Jazz pup                                                         Titus at one year

Jericho / Panda pup at 6 weeks              Maximus at 4 years posing with his best bud 

Daddy / Ellie pup at 4 weeks                                        Koda at 4 years 

Josh / Sugar pup at 6 wks                                      Daddy at 2 years

Monte / Ellie pup at 4 wks                              Jake at age 4                               
                                        fully grown and a great working dog

        Josh / Sugar pup, 6 wks                                    Reggie at 1 year and 100 pounds

 Josh / Misty pup, 6 wks                                         Jack at 2 years old

Crusher / Ellie pup, 6 wks                                                                                    Sam at 10 months and 98 pounds

                          Eli / Misty pup, 4 wks                                                                           Seargent Jiggs of Laura (Sarge) at 2 years

I've raised dozens of dogs in my life, mostly hounds, but 'Sarge' is the most unusual of all.   He is very intelligent and very keen on picking up what I want him to do.  He is very laid back around humans and other dogs and will avoid a fight with another dog even though he could easily overpower them.    In the woods however, he transforms and becomes the master of his environment.   He hits fast and hard and even does a good job tracking.   I am so happy with 'Sarge', and I look forward to getting another Laura Kennels dog as his companion.

Gator / JJ Female "Rosie" found a forever home
With Ron & Elizabeth in Springfield, VA

Letter of Recommendation


Malachi / China Pup
Born Oct 2015
Lives With Jim & Kelly
In Covington,  LA

Malachi / China Pup Born 9-16-16                                "Carley" at 12 weeks                                          10 months

Josh / Kitty pup, 6 wks                                         Simba, 3 y.o. 120 pounds 

Eli / Misty Pup, 6 wks                                    Bear at 18 months

Eli / Ellie, 7 wks                                         Cowboy, 7 months

Eli / Ellie, 7 wks                                      Cracker Jack,13 months old

      Josh / Kitty, 6 wks                                             Zeus at 2 years               
                                                                 loving on his nephew

Josh / Kitty, 6 wks                                                 Savannah at 8 months

Eli / Misty, 4 wks                                                 Stonewall at 1 year old

Eli / Misty, 4 wks                                                  Panda 1 at 11 months

Josh / Kitty, 6 wks                                         Terra at 2 years

Baby Bear / Misty, 6 wks                                        Libby at 18 months

Baby Bear / Baby Shaska, 8 wks                          Gracie at 13 months
                                                                          Gracie is out of the same litter
                                                                           as Hooch and Sampson (below)

                           Baby Bear / Baby Shaska, 8 wks                    Hooch at 13 months                                      


Baby Bear / Baby Shaska, 6 wks                Sampson at 15 months                           

Josh / Kitty, 6 wks                                           Zeus at 1 year                          

Bear / Misty, 8 wks                                                Tank at 18 months

Bear / Baby, 8 wks                                                    Bear at 3 years

Josh / Abbey, 7 wks                                       Brutus, 1 year

Josh / Lucy, 7 wks                                                         Lucie at 2 years

Josh / Lucy, 10 wks                                                             Baby, 1 year

Josh / Kitty, 6 wks                                           JJ at 1 year

Josh / Kitty, 6 wks                                                                  Punisher, 1 year

Josh / Possum, 7 wks                                                   Titan, 1 year old                     

Josh / Possum, 7 wks                                              Rufus, 10 months                              

Josh / Possum, 8 wks                                        S'eamus, 1 year old

Josh / Abbey, 8 wks                                                Zeus, 2 years old

3 weeks                                          8 weeks                                                                                      11 months                      
Malachi / Cash Pup "Dozer" born Jan 2017