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Satisfied Customers
George and Gayle Varre

Pittsburg, PA

(Josh / Abby pup)

12 weeks..............................................................................................................1 year


Dear fellow bulldog lovers,
This is just a short note of appreciation to Laura Kennels for
their excellent service. My husband and I are so pleased with our
experience with Laura Kennels. We have nothing but praise for the
staff! We lost our beloved bulldog, Mack, after he put up a
valiant fight against autoimmune anemia. He was just 5 years old.
Needless to say, we were heartbroken by his passing. He was an
integral part of our family and lives. After losing Mack, it
quickly became apparent to us that we needed a puppy to fill the
emptiness in our home. We so loved Mack and his breed that we were
sure we wanted another bulldog!
We made local contacts to no avail. We then went to the internet.
This was a new experience for us!!! After over a week of rigorous
but frustrating netsurfing, we finally became linked to Laura
Kennels. We were immediately attracted to the photographs of their
dogs. They were clearly the most beautiful that we had seen in our
search! Additionally, the web site itself was so well designed and
up to date!
We E-mailed the kennels immediately. The staff promptly responded
and established rapport and open communication with us. Although
we were miles and states away, we felt comfortable in our first
internet purchase! The staff at Laura Kennels kept in constant
contact with us throughout the whole process. Our puppy came to us
on an airplane! This too was a new experience for us! Thanks to
professionalism of Laura Kennels, the flight and pick up went
Our puppy, Zeus, is settling in to his new home. We absolutely
adore him!!! His physique is gorgeous. His temperament is
wonderful. He is learning so much, so fast!
Thanks to Laura Kennels, our family feels complete again. We look
forward to keeping in touch with Laura Kennels as Zeus grows up
and develops. It's evident that the folks at Laura Kennels remain
interested in their dogs even after they are placed in homes. We
consider them to be a valuable resource!
Yours truly,
Gayle & George Varre

Zeus at 2 years