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AB  Stories

Nothing surpasses the experience of a story well told.

Those who love the American Bulldog breed especially enjoy tales regarding the tenacious, bold-hearted exploits of this intelligent canine.

Take a moment to relax as we spin for you a few action and emotion-packed stories of OUR best friend.

My Jasper

Sergeant Jiggs of Laura

Lorne's Bear I Know

Grandpa's Dog and Ground Hogs

The Day My AB Fought Off the Wolves

Out of the Mouth of Babes

A Man, A Dog & A Mad Boar Hog

Grandmother Knows



Bulldog Grit !

Origins of Bulldogging

Touched By An Angel

Wet Noses

Best  Friend

River Junction Headline -- 1930

Dog is Man's Best Friend Because...

   He Offers No Advice

   He Never Tries To Borrow Money

   He Brings No Inlaws When He Joins the Family

   He Wags His Tail Instead Of His Tongue



We welcome your contributions to our collection of stories.   

We'll give you full credit and even include an e-mail link and photo so folks can send you their thanks.   Submit articles via plain text e-mail or ms word.   We will format  it  and publish your story.

We reserve editor's rights to present only wholesome and factual material.

Be patient....more articles are forthcoming!