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Harry Lamb
Bridgeport, CT

Malachi / Panda Pup
May 2016


Hi Lynn, happy holidays! Blue is doing great, getting really big. He saw his 1st snow today and it was funny, he was totally confused and on alert. Like he thought he needed to protect us from it... lol.   He was barking at a passerby (he never does that) almost like he thought she caused the snow... lol.

Blue is very well behaved, and I don't think we are top notch trainers or anything, he's just a good dog. He loves people and VERY good around strangers. Whenever someone comes over he hasn't met he gets real excited jumps a little, but after a minute or two he will go lay on his bed and not bother them at all.  I think he may be a good watch/ guard dog too... my wife thinks if someone broke in he would just welcome them in to play lol.   But a man knocked on my door the other day asking for someone who doesn't live here and I told him he had the wrong house, but he kept insisting... Blue was standing right behind me quiet and very alert, much different than any other guest.. he could sense the difference.

His favorite thing is food I think. We've been feeding him Orijen and I think its a real good food as far as i've researched.  We feed him some raw food about every other day, if my wife is cooking chicken or something he can have. Or I'll bring some roast beef or liver as a treat sometimes.

He is best buds with my 2 year old because he stays home all day with him;  JC and my wife call him Blueberry (haha).   My wife was the most nervous about a dog and she loves him the most, I think she is his favorite also.   My brother in law lives close by and just got a 5 month old little French Bulldog named Titus and they have been playing, little guy and big guy its funny. Like the movie Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito (hahaha).

Well, have a Merry Christmas... just wanted to give you an update.  Blue is a great dog, thank you very much!

Harry Lamb
Bridgeport, CT

Blue at 3 weeks                                               at 8 weeks                                                               first snow at 8 months                   
                        Watch Blue Learning To Skateboard!.......


"Blue" and JC bond more every day...................................At night JC prays, "Thank you God, for Blue"