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Satisfied Customer
Jaime Samuels

(Bear/Misty pup)

Hello Folks at Laura Kennels!

 I know its been over 2 years since I got my "Tank" from you guys, but I just thought you might enjoy some recent photos we've taken of him.  When I first inquired about your American Bulldogs I was interested in their temperament and safety around children.  From these pictures I'm sure you can see that I no longer have questions regarding their gentle characters and the safety of young children with American Bulldogs from Laura Kennels.  So, in conclusion, 2 years later, thank you again for giving us such a wonderful dog.


Dear Tom, Lynn, and the rest of the Laura Kennels Family,

Thank you.   There is no other way to put it except to say thank you a million times over.   It's been about a year since I picked my Laura Kennels puppy at the airport in New York -- with my fingers (and toes) crossed -- hoping he would be as wonderful as you had promised, and without a second thought sitting here today I can absolutely tell you he IS!!!

He is just as wonderful and just as sweet, gentle and intelligent as you had said he would be.   I think it's important for people who are thinking about purchasing an AB pup to realize that it's OK to be nervous about it.   I was definitely skeptical.   Being a veterinary student I see major behavioral problems presenting in the clinics each day -- many of which end up with either abandonment or euthanasia.   There are so many "breeders" out there who don't know their dogs and many of them don't care if their dogs end up in these situations.   I was so afraid of being faced with that situation myself -- especially considering the size of a typical American Bulldog and the potential danger a poor quality dog that big could pose, but with all of your guidance and the pride you hold in the knowledge of your dogs, I felt comfortable enough to purchase him without anything more than a picture over the internet.

When I decided to buy my AB I had an exact picture in my mind of what I wanted himto look like and the personality I wanted him to have.  If you could have taken that picture out of my head and made a dog out of it, you would have a twin of my "Tank" sitting next to you.

Tank is exactly what I had hoped for in a dog.   He is a well traveled dog.   He has lived in the Caribbean, he calls New York home -- and now we live in Kansas.  Everywhere we go Tank is more popular than any human I know.   I can't walk him without someone on the street calling out his name.   I take him everywhere -- he's always in the car or walking by my side.   The people at the airport love him -- and know him very well.  

Anyone who has ever met Tank now knows what an American Bulldog is -- that he's NOT a pitbull -- and that he comes from a wonderful family in Florida that goes by the name of Laura Kennels.   You couldn't ask for a better spokesperson than my big guy, Tank. 

If anyone is thinking about getting an American Bulldog but has the jitters about him being gentle and sweet -- and being safe around other animals or kids -- please don't hesitate to tell them our story or give them my phone number.   I'd be happy to boast for you guys.   You truly do know your dogs -- and they truly do represent the best of the breed.

Thanks again,

Jaime Samuels and Tank