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Satisfied Customers
Brent  &  Caroline  Johnson


Baby Cowboy
(Josh / Abby pup)

Hi Lynn-- It has been one year since baby Cowboy came to us----
look at him now!!
Here are some photo's of Cowboy (and his best buddy Poncho)-- for
anyone with doubts on how the breed gets on with other dogs (and a
male to boot). Poncho weighs about 60 lbs, & we think Cowboy is
in the 90 lbs range. He has the biggest heart and is exactly the
mild natured dog that we wanted. He does great with our nieces
and nephews, and is super with Poncho!!
They play for hours on end.
He is exceptionally intelligent, and has been very easy to train.
He's got that "wanting to please" his parents way about him, which
made it very easy. He really is a house doggie, but has tons of
energy if I want to take him for a 5 mile run or let him have at
it with our Bull Terrier-- and they just go and go. We think he
is the best American Bulldog we've had, and he's our third. He is
different from the others because his intelligence is clearly
above what we've experienced, however he still has
all the 'best' traits of the breed.
After we lost our Bullmastiff this fall, even though he was still
a pup, he stepped up to the plate and seemed to know he was the
'big' dog and has been the perfect watch dog ever since. (And boy
he's got that BIG dog Bark!!) Cowboy has been an outstanding
companion for us, and our other 'child', you cannot imagine how
thankful we are to have found him. Many Thanks to Laura Kennels
for breeding such a Wonderful addition to our Family. We think he
is Superb and love him dearly. Hope you can put this on your
website, we feel very strongly about Laura Kennels being an
excellent American Bulldog Breeder.

Thank you again, Brent & Caroline Johnson Lubbock, Texas

PS-- We've had Cowboy's hips x-rayed and they are good!!!!