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Satisfied Customer
Marcia Pimentel



Dear Lynn,                                                                                 

I’ve been looking for time to sit down and express my sincere
gratitude for the fine work accomplished at Laura Kennels. This
rainy overcast afternoon gives me a little break to write. I’ve
had Jack for over a month and in that time he and I have bonded
like I could not have imagined. My best friend talks in depth
about her “dog of a lifetime” and I have always been acutely aware
that, while all of my dogs have been special, none has ever been
what she describes hers as: a working companion who would give his
life for hers. I saw that dog working- a dual personality
protection dog with six years of training in French Ring- and I
was in awe. Until Cracker Jack came along I didn’t think it was
possible for me to have such a companion, but I see it in his
eyes. He’s my boy, my dog of a lifetime, and my friend agrees.

Jack is so easy to train. He has an enormous sense of propriety
and is more eager to please me than he is in anything. I’m often
asked if I work alone. In the past I’ve answered, yes. Living in
the middle of nowhere, without a neighbor in sight, I work alone.
For the past few weeks, as Jack has acclimated to my strange day-
long routine, I think twice about the answer I give. I no longer
work alone. I wake up at 5 with Jack at my heels and I drop off to
the sleep of the exhausted at 9 with a sleepy Jack beside me.
There’s not one moment that Jack is not happily by my side

Jack thinks things through with amazing stability. I breed
razorbacks, and they raise quite a ruckus at mealtime. Jack waits
beside each pen as I feed and clean. When I go inside, he keeps
his eyes on me. The sows are tame but the boar is another story.
Jack has never backed down from the threats of an animal here –
from the bluffs of the 30-pound turkey toms to the head-butting
dairy goats. At just 25 pounds right now, most animals outweigh
him and outsize him many times over. The boar “woofs” and rushes
the fence where Jack patiently sits. Jack doesn’t flinch. He leans
in to smell the boar through the fence, and the boar, seeing no
reaction to his impressive display, walks away. Seeing Jack behave
in situations that require thought and steadiness, I can’t
overlook the careful breeding that has produced such a fine companion.

My best friend also cautioned me about purchasing an American
Bulldog over the internet. She went with me on our six hour drive
to pick up Jack. All the way home I joked to her about her
cautions. She would not have done it. But I had read about AB’s
and I had studied the bloodline. I read the letters of
recommendations from happy satisfied customers (with secret envy),
and I had spent hours looking at puppy photos and reading stories.
My e-mails were quickly and thoroughly answered (and they still
are). I received the most precious gift of fur that day. For once
in my life I was at the right place at the right time and my
prayers to find a dog like my friend’s dog, a dog like Jack, were
answered by Laura Kennels. I am profoundly and humbly in your debt.


Marcia Pimentel                                                                                        


Hi Lynn,                                                                                            

Jack would have been a deal at $2K. I've no knowledge of
conformation but as for a companion and working animal on a small
homestead, he is excellence itself. With no formal training he
knows which animals need to be rounded up. He will put all the
livestock in their pens but he knows to leave my "pet" wild pig to
herself. She'll come up to Jack and give him kisses. He has no
aggression around food, treats, or toys. He shares everything with
my two other dogs. You've got a line of Bulldogs that is
extraordinary. Jack wins friends wherever he goes but he is loyal
only to me.