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Satisfied Customer
Daphne Procz

Ft. Knox, KY

Gator X

I have an American Bulldog named Gator X. His hobbies
include attempting to eat the vacuum cleaner, licking the cats,
and giving amazingly huge amounts of kisses.

When we purchased him from a non-papered litter through a friend,
I had no idea what a "White English Bulldog" was. Upon finding
Laura Kennels on the web, I realized that I had much research to
do in order to be a good owner to Gator.

I have pestered Miss Lynn with questions online for almost
a year! She has answered every last one with more information
that I could have hoped for. It is because of Miss Lynn's patience
and kindness that Gator recently recovered with flying colors
from a complete knee reconstruction to fix a severe patellar fluxation.
I would have never thought to take him to a vet until much later, 
when tendon ruptures could have resulted.   

This is a very serious thing.  She genuinely influenced
Gator's ability to have an active life with her constant replies,
and has even recommended dog food for us. This led me to
become more educated in the matter.

If you are looking for a bulldog, remember this: we didn't even
purchase ours from this kennel. Yet, the love and
advice we received has been amazing. Someday I will
have to say goodbye to my Gator. I know in my heart
that I will later find myself in Florida, and my
journey will end at Miss Lynn's door, because no other
place will do.    If you also find yourself purchasing
a Laura Kennels pup, it won't be the end of your
relationship, only the beginning.

My sincere thanks to Miss Lynn and all the caring people involved with
this wonderful family business.

Go Bullies Go!


Daphne Procz and Gator X
Fort Knox, Kentucky