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Satisfied Customers
Michael & Laura Berwanger

Bethel, OH


To everyone at Laura Kennels:

I can't begin to tell you how pleased we have been with everything from Laura
Kennels. From the first time we met in Alabama to purchasing our puppy, Lynn
and Tom have been supportive and helpful!

The web site and Pay Pal made it so easy to see and purchase our pup, and then
in a matter of days he was here, healthy and everything we thought he would
be! He arrived with a folder full of information on everything from his
parents to how much he weighed when he was born.

The most important thing, and the point I want to stress the most, is when
Laura Kennels says the most important thing is just good Bulldogs, it is
absolutely the truth! In a world where money so often rules the world, the
actions of the people at Laura Kennels proves their integrity and love for the

Our little pup Hank, unfortunately passed away from a bowel blockage a short
time after we had him. But you can bet our deposit is in for a pup coming soon
from Laura Kennels.

All our love and God bless!

Michael and Laura Berwanger