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Satisfied Customers
Nathan  &  Stacie  Madrid

Taunton, MA

Monty / Misty pup

Hello Lynn!

I just wanted to give you an update on Bishop.

Bishop is now 5 months old, and he is growing into an amazing American Bulldog. From the very first day that we picked him up he exceeded all of our hopes. He has such a great personality, very friendly, calm and affectionate. I have never seen a dog be so in-tune with his owners. He never pulls in another direction as we walk but is always right by my side looking up from time to time. It seems like his constant desire is to please. He is very intelligent and it is apparent as he learns things so quickly and is constantly reading people and situations. It's amazing how he reflects whatever I'm feeling when we meet someone out and about. Bishop loves children and has never overwhelmed them, he always greets them in a calm, gentle manner, never jumping up at all. He is naturally alert and is a good watch dog, but has never been aggressive or mean. He is very athletic and just an all-around great pup.

Everyone that knows Bishop loves him, one of the most common reactions he evokes from people is that they wish they could have a dog like him. He really is the best looking dog in the neighborhood, and one of the best behaved. He truly is a great ambassador for his breed. Thank you for putting so much into these dogs. Bishop is already the best dog I've ever owned and he's only 5 months old! We will definitely be back for our next one when the time is right.

Nathan & Stacie