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Satisfied Customer
Justin Norman
Whitehall, PA
Malachi / Ginger Pup
Born July 2016

Hello Lynn,

Here are some pics of our first year with "Jazzy Noodles"... Malachi/Ginger female born July, 2016.   She is our third American Bulldog with the first being an amazing male who ignited our love for this durable and incredible breed....he lived until age 13 having passed about this time last year.

Our second AB is a female who just turned 10 years old.   She is still blessing us daily and amazes everyone when we tell them her age.   She is athletic, loving, and tenacious...a true fetch machine (bring on the labs and retrievers!).  She is unmatched in her athleticism and drive.  

Which brings me to our third AB, "Miss Jazzy Noodles" straight from Laura Kennels.     She is a lover, lazy in the morning and crazy by day and my 3 year Ryder's best friend (as you see in the photos).   She is fearless and curious, friendly yet protective, and most of all an incredible addition to our family!

ABs aren't for everybody, but for those of us lucky enough to experience their companionship, we know there can be no other!  We couldn't be happier with our pup during this first amazing year, and we look forward to many, many more!

Just wanted to share the JOY!!!