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Satisfied Customer
Tamara Payton-Holy
Victoria, TX
Malachi / Panda Pup
Born May 25,  2016

Hey Lynn,

Just wanted to touch base with some updated pictures since we just celebrated Ddee's first birthday on May 25th.  She is doing great and we get so many compliments everywhere we take her.    After so many years I never thought we would get over losing Lola (our first AB we got from you), but now we have our second Laura Kennels pup and she has filled such a void.

We feel so blessed to have found you.   Ddee is so smart and well-adjusted....we could not ask for more!  If anyone ever has reservations about getting an American Bulldog,  I can recommend that they look no further than Laura Kennels. 

Thank you again for our wonderful girl.

Tamara Payton-Holy
Victoria, TX
June 2, 2017