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Satisfied Customer
James Breeden
Honolulu, HI
Gator / JJ  Pup
Born  January 30,  2016


Lynn,   I had an experience at a dog park I wanted to share with you.

  I like to take Lola to the dog park 4-5 times a week and watch her play with all the other dogs.   She has a really great temperament and gets along with everyone.   When it's time to go, I wait until she isn't paying attention, then I sneak off to the gate that's about 300 feet away and I whistle for her to come, which she does immediately.

Last night I was doing this and some random ~80 lb male pitbull mix started being aggressive towards me and backed me up into the fence.   The dog was very persistent and continued to be very aggressive.   When Lola showed up she calmly approached the dog, grabbed him by his neck, drug him away from me and let him go.   He then started to come back on me.   Lola grabbed him by the neck again and drug him away more forcefully, but then let him go....this time blocking him and almost daring him to continue.   The owner of the other of the other dog soon showed up, I called Lola off and we left the park.

This is the 1st time Lola has been in a situation like this.  She stayed very calm and aware of her surroundings.   She is an amazing dog.

Hope all is well there.   I just wanted to share my experience.

Aloha,  Jimmy
James H. Breeden
Wildlife Biologist


Always on the alert...Lola always made a great impression in front of the camera

Happy in Hiwaii -- Lola at 18 months