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Satisfied Customers
Brandon Gravitt  &  Natalie Jensen
King, NC
Malachi / China  Pup
Born  September  2016

Cassie at 14 months

Lynn,  in September of 2016 our beloved American Bulldog, "Sadie"  passed away after eight years of loyalty and unconditional love.  Completely heartbroken we sought a source for pure bred bulldogs to fill at least part of the gaping hole left by Sadie's departure.

After hours of internet search we settled on Laura Kennels.   We both agreed that your dogs have the physical traits we were looking for, a look similar to the performance, standard AB pup we had before.   At the time I didn't feel as though anything could come close to replacing Sadie.   But I couldn't have been more wrong.  

This puppy has been a joy beyond belief.   People act surprised when we tell them how much we paid for her, but I would gladly pay 3 times that again for this dog.   They just don't understand the difference between well bred dogs and mutts.   Cassie has been incredibly eager to please and a joy to train.   She is so incredibly smart and soaks information like a sponge.   I have actually witnessed this dog problem solve and use her paws like hands!  

Lynn and Herb are great breeders who go out of their way to help with the entire process. They genuinely care for the breed and every puppy they produce--they're not just out to make a buck. They drastically exceeded my greatest expectations going above and beyond.   

   We have had our usual puppy rearing trials:  some wet spots on the carpet, and a chewed up remote.   However in a lifetime of owning and raising dogs,  I have NEVER had a dog this receptive and easy to train.    She has been an absolute pleasure.    She is a beautiful dog.....a perfect representative of the breed.      We get compliments on her everywhere we go.  

To sum it up, if you are considering an American Bulldog puppy from Laura Kennels, they have our FULL endorsement.

Brandon Gravitt  &  Natalie Jensen
January 1, 2018

Cassie  at 1 month........................................2 months........................................then 3 months