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Satisfied Customer
Ernie Richards

Grand Rapids, MI

Tolula Cholula
aka "ChuChu"

Malachi / China Pup
Born 11-29-17


Ernie meets ChuChu
Tolula is doing wonderfully.  House breaking has been so easy, and she has easily learned
to sit, stay, and come when called... impressive for such a youngster. 
  She has
great focus and disposition and has been quite patient and loving with her
dachshund older brothers.   She very patiently and confidently stands her ground in a very appropriate manner with them.   Tolula understands her boundaries with them and has
gotten along from day one.

  She's had very successful play dates with friend's dogs and has been a great companion
  running errands in the car.   Everyone loves her.   She is confident and fearless
without being aggressive or dominant so we couldn't be happier with her attitude.  
She's happily rowdy as any pup will be at her age; but she's a quick learner,
wonderfully cuddly at rest, ever so sweet, and on track to be a more and more
wonderful dog as the days pass. 
Thank you,

2 yrs

Tolula grew fast and learned much in her first four months!