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Satisfied Customer
Roger Albany

Barnwell, SC

Malachi / Panda Pup
Born 09-10-17

  Hello Mr. Herb & Mrs. Lynn,

Just wanted to give you an update on Cane.   He is the perfect dog for our family.....very attentive and protective of my wife and children.   We no longer have to use the leash on our daily walks!   We only leash him as a precaution when approaching other people or animals.  Today on our walk Cane decided to jump in the lake and go for a swim!   It took us by surprise, but I guess he was just showing us American Bulldogs are natural swimmers!

 A few days later a German Shepherd moved up and barked at my son;  Cane did not like that at all and moved between the other dog and my son.   Cane stood his ground and did not back down at all.    It was only when my son said in the softest voice, "Cane, I'm OK.....it's OK" that Cane finally calmed down.   It amazes me how Cane can go from being cool, calm, and collected to being willing to lay down his life for my son!    I am beyond pleased and happy with the progress Cane is making at only 7 months old.    I thank the good Lord and you guys from the bottom of my heart for making the world's best American Bulldogs.

Roger Albany
Barnwell, SC


Hurricane "Irma" traveled up the Florida peninsula and over Laura Kennels September 10-11, 2017
As barometric pressures dropped, Panda delivered the third pup in her litter whom Roger Albany chose and named "Cane" in honor of the occasion
Shown above is puppy "Cane" at 3 weeks, 4 months, and then 7 months

Cane and Roger's son have become best buds!