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Satisfied Customer
Casey Adams

Columbia, SC
Malachi / China Pup
Born 10-19-15

Hi Lynn,

We got our pup from you ... she was out of Malachi and China, and we named her "Reagan".

I just have to tell you what a wonderful dog she has become to me and my family.   She is protective, loyal, smart, funny, particular, hard-headed, stubborn, loving, strong, determined, and affectionate!   She is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.   I just adore her, and I am so thankful that you bred the most perfect dog.

I have attached some pictures of her at one year and now that she is two and a half.
Thanks again for giving me the best gift I could ask for in a dog.

Reagan at 2 weeks old                            Reagan at 1 year old compared with her dam, China and her sire, Malachi

Reagan loves the beach, her family, and going to the beach with her family!