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Daniel  &  Sande  Keil

Miami, FL
Jericho / Panda Pup
Born 12-02-2008

Dear Lynn,

I want to thank you for a most beautiful and loving companion we called "Soleil".

Ten years ago you met us half way between Laura Kennels and our home in Miami so that we could get our new puppy.
She was wonderful from day one.
I named her "Soleil" (French for "sun") because she made everyone feel warm, loved, and cared for.
So often my friends and family would say, "Soleil is such an angel", and she truly was!

She didn't like to run or go on power walks, but she DID love to smell every inch of Nature.
Soleil was such a great partner who taught me how to slow down and enjoy all the little things.

I could go on and on about Soleil and the deep love and devotion we had for each other, but I just want you to know
how fortunate I have been to meet and grow with her.

Thank you again for my Soleil.   She is a true blessing whose memory I will always treasure!


Soleil at 4 weeks