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Satisfied Customers
Tom & Melissa Brown

Goffstown, NH
Malachi / Alli Pup
Born 10-3-18

Jan 1, 2019

Hi Lynn and Herb,

Happy New Year! Mookie is adjusting well to the Brown life. Sami (our daughter) loves him to pieces and was so happy to get her Christmas present early. He and Manny, the Boston Terrier are playing well together and are having lots of fun in the last few weeks.

Mookie has been to the vet twice and his wellness visits were perfect. He is getting lots of love and attention for sure. We've been taking him to Bass Pro Shop, The Home Depot and the Pet Supply to socialize him with others and he sits and wags his tail excitedly as all the shoppers and employees stop by to meet him and he gives lots of kisses to show his affection.

We've added a fenced in portion of our yard for the dogs to play in. We have a nice walking trail nearby and both dogs are getting lots of exercise daily. They play tug of war and it is the funniest thing as Mookie rolls over and submits to Manny.

We couldn't be happier with the selection process and the obvious care you took of him prior to Mookie's arrival. We're so grateful to have those early pictures that you sent of his first few weeks. It was so helpful to be informed of his progress despite the challenges you had with storm damage in your home. We love Mookie tremendously and know he was meant to be part of our family.

I've attached some pictures of us and Mookie. Thanks again for your love and support and I would highly recommend
Laura Kennels to anyone looking for a fun loving American Bulldog!

Feel free to share our story as you see fit!

Take Care,

Melissa, Tom, Sami, Manny & Mookie
Goffstown, NH

Mookie 3 Weeks

Mookie 7 Weeks

Mookie 12 Weeks