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Satisfied Customers
Randy, Gina, & Sloan Waltz

Trout Run, PA

Storm  &  Joplin
Malachi / China pups



We just wanted to say thanks for providing us with two of the most incredible dogs we have ever met. From the very beginning of our experience with Laura Kennels and you, we have been extremely pleased and confident that we made the right choice of breeders for our purchase of our American Bulldogs.
Every single phone call and email was either answered immediately or returned very promptly. Every question about the breed and their needs was answered professionally, and the advice on fencing and dog doors, brushes, shampoos and everything else we bombarded you with was tremendously helpful and appreciated. Making sure the towels with our scent was in the kennel during their flight, so the puppies had some recognition to us when we got them, gave us a great deal of peace of mind. We know we will be able to count on you forever when it comes to questions or concerns or the care of these dogs.
However where you absolutely went over and above and out did yourself, was when it came to the flight and delivering the pups. When their connection was delayed for several hours in Chicago and you called the people at the airline to ensure of the pups well being and then kept us posted to the updates of their flight even as it got as late as it did that night, it was apparent that you truly love the breed and each and everyone of the pups you produce.
We received two of the most amazing dogs and it was clear immediately that they had been well socialized and prepared for their journey to their new home. When we took them to a piece of grass at the airport and let them out, they played and welcomed us just as puppies should and as we had hoped. Their adjustment to us has been relatively easy, and I'm sure it's because of the quality of dogs you breed and the quality of care they receive while you raise them. The packet that came with each dog on their history and care was another great surprise and further proof of your devotion. I'm sure we will have a long friendship with you and Laura Kennels and again we cannot say thank you enough for all you have done for us.

Randy, Gina and Sloane Waltz