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Satisfied Customer
Erica & Jason
Boise, ID
Malachi / China Pup
Born 05-17-19

August 5, 2019

Hi Lynn and Herb,

I am absolutely thrilled with our experience and am so happy that I chose a reputable breeder rather than another rescue pup. Not to say that rescue isn’t important or necessary and I will continue to support and endorse both rescues and reputable breeders for the rest of my days.    Simply put, this whole journey has been so worthwhile and I am absolutely amazed at the vast differences that I am already noticing in this well-bred pup compared to all of the foster and rescue pups I’ve had or cared for in the past.

 He is incredibly intelligent, healthy, athletic, and strong. So many of the skills that I’ve endeavored to teach pups in the past, he has already mastered without any difficulty.   He’s already a pro at our huge flight of stairs and can just about run up and down the entire flight without stopping, tripping, or falling.   His coordination is really impressive!

And I am convinced that he is already potty trained...I’m shocked!
He communicates his needs clearly and consistently. 
There is just something special about this breed, and I think I fall more in love every day!



                Gus Loves His Mom                                                     In Front Or Behind The Camera!

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