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Satisfied Customer
Ray Moore
Farmville, NC
Dezmond / Sassy Pup
Born 08-10-18

August 10, 2019

Hey DogMother Lynn and DogFather Herb,

I am ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!   Although Mama and Daddy think I still act like a puppy, I guess I still am a handfull.  
They sent me to obedience school for a week, so now I know how to behave on a leash.  
But when the leash comes off, I can be my wild self again!
I weigh about 85 pounds and am a lot stronger than I look.   When I play rope-pull with Daddy, I usually win now :)
I love everybody I meet, and I love to play with other dogs (especially the doggy daycare play dates).
But they won't let me play with the grandkids much...I guess they're afraid I might accidentally break one.
 Everyone says I have a sweet disposition, but I know I can be hard-headed....it's that whole "bulldog" thing, you know.
Anyway, I just wanted to check in on my birthday and let you know I'm doing great and I'm really loved.

Love to everyone back at Laura Kennels,



    "Eli"  at  1 Year