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Satisfied Customer
Bryan & Diana Dodd
Raeford, NC
Daddy / Ellie Pup
Born 01-08-10


January 5, 2020

Hello Lynn,

We purchased a pup from you in March of 2010.  We named him "Trooper", and he was the best dog ever!
He died March 14, 2019, and losing him broke all our hearts.

 Trooper was everything anyone could want from any dog -- loyal, protective, well behaved, trainable, loving, CALM...I could go on and on about our sweet boy.  He had so much personality and was so SMART!  I swear that dog could spell and even COUNT!   He would follow us around the house and pester the heck out of us when he heard us say "walk"; and it got to where we had to say, "I'm going to take you-know-who on a w-a-l-k".   But he figured that out too!  At the end he was taking medicine daily, and I had to put it in pill pockets to get him to take it.   He loved those things, and he knew EXACTLY how many he was supposed to have.  LOL! 

Trooper hated water, squirrels, and cats.  He was the biggest baby about getting his nails trimmed.   It took three vet techs to get it done:  one to hold him, one to rub his belly, and one to do the trimming....and he cried like a baby the whole time!   Everyone at the vet's office loved him.   When we boarded Trooper there, they never made him stay in the kennel.   He got to hang out in the back treatment area the whole time, and the techs argued over who got to feed and walk him.

When we had our youngest daughter in 2011, Trooper took right to her.  I never had to worry one minute that he might hurt that baby.   He watched over her and slept by her bassinet, and he was always on guard anytime our girls were outside.

We HAVE to have another American Bulldog, and we want him or her to come from you.   So please let us know about your upcoming litters, and thank you again for one of the best blessings this family has ever had.

P.S.  I've attached some photos of Trooper and our family over the past nine years,