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Satisfied Customer
Elizabeth  Arrieta
Los Angeles, CA
"Beef  Wellington"
aka Beef
Malachi / Panda Pup
Born 05-28-2016


June 22, 2021

Hello Lynn,

My name is Elizabeth and I got a male puppy from you back in July of 2016 from the Malachi and Panda litter. I know it’s been 5 years now but I wanted to send a few pictures of Beef Wellington: he goes by Beef mostly :)    He is absolutely wonderful with my whole family, including my young nieces, and friends he’s known his whole life.  

He’s got a great personality, very stubborn, and funny. Since he was a puppy he likes to steal the bath mat and towels and run through the house with them. We thought it was a phase but turns out it’s his game. A lot of times he does it specifically for extra attention - we enjoy it and think it’s pretty funny.

He also makes me and my family feel safe at all times as his protection instincts are definitely strong. He is spoiled and loved beyond anything you can imagine. He’s my baby and I love him so much. At 5 years old now he’s big like Malachi and weighs about 120lbs (he could stand lose about 10 lbs of his quarantine weight though!).  

He’s my second American bulldog and first purebred and I can’t imagine ever having another breed. Anyways I just wanted to send an update on his life and let you know how much we love and enjoy him. I’m sending a few pics so you can see how much he’s grown!

Elizabeth and Beef