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Happy Customer
Kissimmee, FL
Malachi / Gabby Pup
Born 02-02-23


April 14, 2023

Hello Herb & Lynn,

I just wanted to send you a few photos and an update on Maisy.
She is doing fantastic; today she is 10 weeks old and she is growing like a weed,
so I am trying to soak up every second.

She has already learned to sit, down, roll over, paw, give (for toys)
among other smaller commands!   She is a brilliant girl!

She loves running around and exploring her yard.   We've started little walks down the driveway which have been going well.
Like you explained, she is very non-reactive to things.   Big noises like cars, the rooster next door, and planes/helicopters
don't phase her much at all.

She went on her first camping trip a few weeks ago, and it went amazing!
She just relaxed with us outside and slept in our camper in a crate at night.
We even took her downtown to grab lunch, and she had the best manners
sitting with us outside on a patio.  She fell asleep at our feet.
Everyone who walked by couldn't stand how cute she was.

She is an absolute angel in her crate.   If she fusses I just say settle
and then gently "Shhh" her to sleep.   I don't know how I figured that out,
but it's pure magic.
I'll sneak in a cuddle nap in bed, and she is an absolutely amazing snuggler.
She's such a loving girl.

We took her to the vet's for her booster vaccine,
and she was passed around the entire office to every
vet tech getting tons of love and snuggles.
She is the sweetest girl.
Maisy greets everyone willingly with a wagging tail and kisses.
The vet says that she looks outstanding!   She is perfectly healthy.

Needless to say I've fallen in love with our Maisy girl.
Thank you so much for breeding such amazing dogs!

Wishing you both well,