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Satisfied Customer

Shannon Flowers

Southport, FL


Isaac / Jazz pup
Born 8-6-12

Dear Lynn,                                                                                         

We just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we
love Titus (born Aug. 6 to Isaac and Jazz). He is certainly not
without his challenges (flip flops are absolutely irresistible to
him) but he quickly became a cherished member of our family.

While Titus' primary function is to be a buddy to our son, we are
thrilled that he is also a vigilant watch dog. He is always quick
to alert us to any visitors or unusual activity and I never fear
that someone will catch us by surprise.

Josie, our Jack Russell, remains head of the household, but Titus
keeps us constantly amused with his daily antics and endearing
personality. Even house guests who aren't "dog people" are soon
won over by Titus' enthusiastic outpouring of love.

Whenever we have him out and about, we are constantly told what a
handsome dog he is. He loves to go on the boat and in the water,
although swimming is not one of his finer skills. He's much
better suited for sloppy kisses and fast-paced games of keep away.

Titus weighs 81 lbs now and I'm sending along several photos,
including one taken on his birthday so you can see just how
handsome he is.

Thanks for all your help and support during the puppy stage.


Shannon Flowers