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Garrett  &  Marissa

Denver, CO

Bama & Hank
Stoney / Suee pups

Hi Lynn,                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Hope this email finds you well…first, I must apologize that it has taken so long to send a message to you after picking up Alabama and Hank on December 17th. Somehow the holidays came and went, and now it’s February. I’m not sure where to even begin, but will start by telling you that Laura Kennels has added so much to mine and Garrett’s life, that we literally are at a loss on what to write. But I will try my best to capture our feelings and thoughts for you!

Hank, formally known as Laura’s Lover Boy Hank, is just that…a complete and total lover! Hank came to me as a Christmas present replacing my Boxer, Bentley, who I had to unexpectedly put to sleep at Thanksgiving. I loved Bentley dearly, and he will always have a special place in my heart, but I must say that Hank has come to me and already expressed that he will be my “dog of a lifetime.” I’ve often heard people refer to this concept and I always thought the animals I had were special no matter what. However, Hank has truly won me over. I look at him and just melt. I simply cannot get enough and hate that I had to go back to work after the holidays and miss my little buddy during the days. As I type, I sit on a plane to Puerto Rico for a 10 day business trip and I’m just sick about how much he will have changed and grown when I get back next weekend. The good news is that I’ll be missed by him and when I get home, he won’t hold it against me for being gone so long! Plus, I know he’s in great hands with Garrett. Hank would just as soon stay with me all day long, preferably in my lap, though he is pushing 40 pounds now! While the other dogs beeline straight to the back door upon being let out of their crate, he always comes to me first as if to check-in and say “how was your day?” He wants nothing more than to please me (even when he does have my fuzzy pink slipper in his mouth!) and has shown a disposition that I just love. He’s a lazy little guy…and much like me it takes him 5-10 minutes in the morning to decide if he really wants to roll out of bed just yet. That time is amplified if it’s chilly outside…he really sees no rush in getting out in the Colorado cold! We really are two peas in a pod, and after just 2 ½ months I can’t even imagine not coming home to his happy little wag each night. How lucky am I to have a man like Garrett to give me such a timeless and perfect present that reminds me of our love each day?

You had it just right Lynn when you told us that Hank would be the mellower of the two pups…that is until his little, rambunctious sister gets him wound up. They are an absolute pair!

On to Bama, formally Laura’s Miss Alabama…this little girl is all about personality. In the last month she has really blossomed and her personality is truly showing through. She’s affectionately earned the nickname of “Taz” some days as she is a little sneaky devil. She’s much more adventurous than Hank when it comes to finding new toys, treats, or other fun things to play with. She does however reserve her judgment on people and other dogs for a bit almost saying “show me what you’ve got” first. She is of course a beautifully, kind dog and seems to truly be saddened when she’s told “no!” While Hank likes to talk to us with his bark, Bama makes quite the funny little grunt, especially at meal time. And, she’s become quite the snorer—she loves her naps (check out her naptime photo!) and has been known to wake me up in the middle of the night with her log sawing. She’s much littler than her brother right now, but that doesn’t stop her. She’s figured out that if she starts at a full run on one side of the house, by the time she gets to Hank she can knock him over with her speed. It’s a very entertaining show that Garrett and I enjoy each night!

They have brought a bit of life back to our older American Bulldog, Cable, and he plays with them just fine, while acting as their “snowplow” on the crazy Denver days. Though Cable is nearing his final days (he’s 10 years old now) he seems to know we’re in good hands now and have these young puppies to keep our hearts full and remind us every day of how lucky we are with everything we have been blessed with.

I’ve attached some pictures here for you…though some of the photos are a month or two old at this point. After picking the puppies up at Laura Kennels, we took them to Destin and let them play on the beach before bringing them back to Denver. Just 2 days later we received 2 feet of snow and the puppies were in heaven…not sure how many other dogs can say they’ve been on a beach and in snow in one week! The last few pictures are of them most recently…they are getting so big!

Growing up with dogs, from my first lab at 6 months old to Jack Russells, German Short Hairs, Boxers, and everything else in between, I can honestly say I’d never want to own anything else but a Laura Kennels’ American Bulldog. Not only was the whole experience everything we wanted and needed it to be, but we couldn’t possibly be any happier with our pups. We’ve found two new best friends and our house is bursting at the seams with laughter, love, nibbled toys, and so much more. Thank you again so much for everything…we look so forward to the coming years with Bama and Hank, and look forward to keeping Laura Kennels up to date on their lives and ours!