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Satisfied Customer
Denny  Krahe

Murfreesboro, TN

Monty / Panda

While browsing through the Satisfied Customer notes on the LK web
page, I noticed many of the same adjectives describing the dogs
temperament, trainability, and all-around good behavior. All of
these same comments apply to our Tanq. One thing that I noticed
there is not a lot of talk about on the web site is Lynn's
willingness to make sure that we got the best dog for our
individual situation as possible.

As my wife and I decided that it was time to add a dog to our
family, we began to discuss what kind of dog we wanted and when we
were looking to get it. I had been wanting an AB for a long time,
but she wasn't sure she wanted a bigger dog. After some
conversing, I talked her into an AB and we then set forth to try
and find a good breeder to get a dog from. I had looked at a few
websites online before coming across the LK website. I looked
through it, and read some of the stories from previous customers,
and liked it enough to show my wife the website. We talked it
over, and decided to contact Lynn and see what would happen.