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Satisfied  Customer
Saul  Duran

There was so much research put in when searching for our first dog. He was going to be the new member of the family and our baby boy. We also have a 8 year old tabby cat which we were worried was not going to get along with the new puppy. We are so impressed with our choice of a Laura Kennels puppy.

From the moment we picked him up, we fell in love with our little boy, Logan.
Without any hesitation, Lynn answered all of our questions, confirmed the pick up location, and arrived 15 minutes before the set appointment. This was not a drop off and go kind of delivery.  Lynn gave us a few minutes to meet Logan and let him get use to our scent. Then she handed us a book, specially made with love, with his vaccination information, the family tree of both parents, Laura Kennels information, and answers to common questions for new puppy owners. She went though each page describing the information provided and patiently answered every question. She provided a goodie bag for us to take so we could progressively change his diet to our food of choice, the registration papers and how to file it, and advice on how to care for him in the coming days as he would have to get acclimated to a new surrounding.

As we parted ways, you could tell it was heartbreaking for her and Logan to separate and I know why. Logan has not had any problems with anyone or other animals, super smart, crate trained himself, great listener, and picked up the basic commands quickly (sit, paw, down, up, etc). There is so much pride walking your Laura Kennels dog. Very often when we walk Logan people stop, look and compliment how good looking of a pup he is. It has been nothing but a pleasure having Logan around. Often times I take him to work and he is the most well behaved puppy that you can imagine, always lays next to me.

Im not thinking of adding another pup to the family, but if i ever do, I already know it's going to be, without a doubt, a Laura Kennels pup .

Yesenia and Saul Duran