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Hip Dysplasia and Nutrition

by Lem Miller, Joshua Kennels

Many breeders have had great success combating dysplasia with select breeding practices and the use of Prevention which is given daily. Prevention has been formulated to provide mega doses of the ingredients needed to ensure your dog's being able to produce Collagen. In lay terms, Collagen is the protein, the intercellular cement that binds tissue, making ligaments and tendons strong as well as strengthening all other structures in the body.
Good quality collagen is dependent on ascorbic acid in ample supply. Why? Ascorbic acid is absolutely essential to life and the living process. All living mammals either produce it themselves or get it from their diet, or they die within 3 months. There is absolutely no other vitamin deficiency that works this quickly. In short, ascorbic acid prevents scurvy, immune problems, helps maintain the growth and maintenance of connective tissue and combats stress and toxins. Ascorbic acid is the protector of biochemical balance in your dog's body.
" The Problem "

Dogs and cats are two of the worst producers of ascorbic acid next to humans, producing only 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Humans produce no ascorbic therefore no collagen unless received in the diet. Now it becomes clear why so many humans have to receive hip replacement surgery etc. And we continue to think Hip Dysplasia is all genetic. Let's look at the facts and bring in common sense:

It is a fact that stress depletes an already low ascorbic acid output in our dogs. Let's look at the stress factor.

Because stress eats the low level of ascorbic acid naturally produced by your dog, he now produces little or no collagen. As stated before, collagen is essential for healthy joints.

Prevention product literally stops this from happening. By offering this supplement, you provide more than enough vitamins, minerals and herbs for your pet to produce enough collagen in order to keep the joints healthy thus, NO MORE DYSPLASIA. 


*Dr. Leigh McBride, D.V.M.   "I was skeptical at first, but, Lem Miller of Joshua Kennels continued year after year certifying American Bulldogs, a breed that is 70-80% dysplastic. As a breeder of show quality German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Great Danes I started them on "Prevention." It not only has helped in producing normal hips but, also stopped the growing pains in my pups and eliminated cripple days for my older dogs as well. I now recommend "Prevention" to all my clients."
Recently I raised a litter of "Rotty's". At 1 year,  I x-rayed the 6 pups we  kept on "Prevention." All 6 not only had Excellent hips but, none have had any growing pains, which in this breed is unbelievable. I'm very excited about "Prevention." 

*Nolan Alan, President, Nutrition Outreach Inc.   "We formulated "Prevention" to be the most complete supplement for joints and immune deficiencies available. The ingredients used are of the highest quality, you can not buy a better supplement. In addition, Prevention works!"

*Alan St-Amour, AB Breeder, Canada..."I recently researched the ingredients that are present in "Prevention" and I have to say I'm greatly impressed. I've found that all the ingredients in the base are presently used specifically for the treatment of joint problems!!! I now understand that nothing was left to chance in the creation of such a fine product as "Prevention." Please send me an order immediately, Thanks!"



Serving Size = 1 teaspoon

Each teaspoon (3.5 gms) supplies sodium ascorbate 
plus the following:

Minerals: Potassium (Citrate), Calcium (Dicalcium Phosphate), Magnesium (Oxide), Zinc (Citrate), Iron (Ferrous Furmerate), Copper (Sulfate), Iodine (Potassium Iodide), Selenium (Oxide), Manganese (Citrate, Boron. (Citrate)

Vitamins: Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate/Acerola/ Calcium Ascorbate), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Trit), Vitamin A (Palmitate), 
Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol), Vitamin E (Succinate), Niacin (Niacinamide),
Pantothenic Acid (Calcium Pantothenate), Folic Acid, Biotin 


PROPRIETY BLEND: Glucosamine Sulfate, Yucca, Boswellin, Tumeric, Alfalfa,  Condroitin Sulfate, Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull , ( Hypothalamus Tussue, Thymus Tissue, Pituitary Tissue, Adrenal Tissue) from Bovine, L-carnitine,  L-histidine (HCL), Gamma Oryzanol, Bromelain and Rice Protein Concentrate.

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Small 1 lb............$49.00
Large 2 lb..........$90.00

Bulk 10 lb.........$399.00

Prevention is supplied exclusively by Joshua Kennels

You can figure a three month supply per 1 lb. container for a 30-50 pound dog.