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Joshua's  Malachi  of  Laura

Here Is A Picture Pedigree

Showing  Malachi's  Ancestors

   Joshua's                                Joshua's                           Joshua's            Croft's Gold Dust                Mr. Mann                        Spanky                           Devil Dog                       Troubles 
Bailey                              White Bandit's               White Bandit's             of Joshua                                                                                                                                                             

                                        Baby Love                Snowflake aka Atze                                                                                                                                                                    
|____________________|                                       |______________________|                      |___________________|                                         |_________________|        
   |                                                                                     |                                                                             |                                                                                  |        


     Joshua's Isaac                       Joshua's  Zamar                                     Wright's Rock-A-Feller                 Wright's Tammy Wynette of A.S.
|__________________________|                                                            |____________________________|                  
|                                                                                                              |              
                          Joshua's Jacob                                                                        DMX's  Eve of A.S.                                    

Malachi's  Written  Pedigree