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Our Bulldogs love Children

Please note: NEVER leave your child unattended with any dog.  Remember that they are dogs and as well as you think you know your dog, he can still act or re-act in a way that you did not expect or intend. 
Please always maintain control of your dog.  He is your responsibility....oh, and the same goes for the child :) 

Malachi/Jazz male "BooRegard" Loves His Children!


Amos / Kitty Male
Born July 2019

Lives in Bethlehem, PA

Where He Bonds
More Every Day
With Troy



                                                            (Every Night As Well!...)


Jericho / Panda pup  (Maximus) with his best buddy


                                                 Maximus posing with  his best bud


Monte / Callie pup with his pack leader, Matthew                                           "Kitty" Tolerates Dress Up
                                                                                                                              Because She LOVES her BFF Abbey!

Malachi/Panda pup "Blue" and BFF "JC" bonding in Bridgeport, CT................at night JC prays, "God, thank you for Blue"

Malachi / Cash  Male  Pup  "Dozer" born  Jan 2017
Owner,  Nicole writes, "Dozer is such a good boy, especially with our new baby...I love that he is such a cuddler!
We just wanted to write and thank you again for letting him be part of our family."









Play time.....................

...................bath time !




Zeus (age 2) loving on his nephew



Kennedy and Kitty see eye to eye

Keep your eye on the ball !

Robert Policastro with his "lap" dog

Malachi / Brick Male "Randy" born June 2018 Lives With His Family In Texas

Of course, Laura Kennels AB's think they ARE the children...