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AB  Stories

Nothing surpasses the experience of a story well told.
Those who love the American Bulldog breed especially enjoy tales regarding the tenacious,
bold-hearted exploits of this intelligent canine.

Take a moment to relax as we spin for you a few action and emotion-packed
stories of OUR best friend!


Easy Find

Watch American Bulldog Tracking Instinct
Tom Farmer's "Blue" On The Deer Trail

My Jasper

Read A Stirring Tribute Written By Walt Shiplov

A Tribute to

Laura's Miracle aka "Lazarus"

by Tom Farmer

Lorne's Bear I Know

Sergeant Jiggs of Laura

Grandpa's Dog and Ground Hogs

The Day My AB Fought Off the Wolves

Out of the Mouth of Babes

A Man, A Dog & A Mad Boar Hog
Come Share An Adventure With Tom Farmer and "Eli"

Grandmother Knows



Bulldog Grit !

Origins of Bulldogging

Touched By An Angel

Wet Noses

Best  Friend

River Junction Headline -- 1930