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Grandpa's Dog
Ground Hogs

By Clint Wilson

Hi, my name is Clint Wilson, and I grew up in rural western Kentucky. As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather who had been a farmer all of his life. He grew up around the Mammoth Cave region. He is gone now, but I still remember many of his entertaining stories. He would always tell be about a great bulldog that he had growing up. Now, most people around here don't know what an American Bulldog is, though occasionally an older person that sees my dog will say that they remember seeing them when they were younger.

When he said bulldog, I always pictured an English Bulldog in my mind, but he would laugh and say that his bulldog didn't look like that. He said that he was white and only weighed about 40-50 lbs and was "quick as greased lighting". He told me, and I must say that he was known to stretch the truth when telling me stories, that they always had groundhogs eating up their crops. He said that they would try to kill them anyway they could, but that his favorite way was with his bulldog. He would spot them and tell his dog to "go get 'em!"  Sometimes he would catch them before they made it back to their holes, but sometimes they would be too fast.  Here is the amazing part of the story.... He told me that he would dig out the hole and then grab the dog and let it run down into the hole a few feet.  He would hear some growling and snarling, and then he would pull his dog back out of the hole by the tail and back feet. Most of the time he said that dog would have a groundhog in his mouth.  Now, I have read about how versatile American Bulldogs are but I don't think that groundhog catching was ever listed!

Thought you guys would enjoy the story.

P.S. I have an AB from a hog catchin friend of mine near Summerville S.C. Best dog ever!