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Sergeant Jiggs of Laura


the Wiley Coyote









Sergeant Jiggs of Laura

Hello Lynn,
I don't know if you remember me, but I've bought two bulldogs from Laura Kennesls, 
 Sergeant Jiggs of Laura and Dixie Dear of Laura. You have one of them posted on your website, on the "comparison" page, Sarge. Sarge is out of Eli and Misty and is just the strongest, fastest, and most intelligent dog I've ever had or know of. I would like to relate a story that just happened concerning our bulldogs.
We moved from central Florida to central West Virginia about four years ago. Sarge loves it because there are woods everywhere here (no hogs, though). A few nights ago, I heard the puppy (out of Sarge and Dixie: Wells Beargirl of Laura) yapping outside and went to investigate. I shined my flashlight over to where I heard something, and to my amazement saw Sarge with his jaws around the neck of a coyote on the ground. The fight did not last long and was extremely one-sided. The coyote never had a chance. Coyotes are plentiful in West Virginia and are twice the size of their western counter-parts due to cross-breeding with wolves and dogs. A forty pound plus coyote is considered large and are becoming common in WV, and the one Sarge got was well over forty pounds.
We are speculating that the coyote was probably attracted by the large number of deer being cut up next door (which Dixie helps herself to the leftovers that she then brings home) and came across the pup. Dixie probably stood the coyote off, while Sarge proceeded to bust through a 12.5 gauge field fence which makes up his pen. 
Not only that, but the coyote only got about fifteen yards away from the pen before Sarge caught him and took him down.
I've never heard, at least around here, of a dog taking down a coyote. Its always the other way around.
Amazing, but true!
Our bulldog family is unbelievable! I attached photos of Sarge, Dixie, Beargirl, and the coyote.

P.S. Note the pup, she is big-boned with an awesome head, we're keeping her!


William V. Wells

Thanks for posting Sarge's story. I hope people will enjoy it. I hope too that people not familiar with the AB who might read the story, understand that even though ABs are an extremely powerful dog, they are not innately aggressive or unstable. Even though Sarge loves the "wild", and has killed snakes, possums, (and now a coyote), caught wild hogs... he lets his bulldog pup eat out of his bowl. Our vet is amazed that Sarge cohabits with a female and now a puppy. Dixie (the female) can't be without Sarge and they all sleep together. Funny, huh?