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Touched By An Angel


Editor’s Note:   Nylene & Jim Roberts purchased a puppy from Laura Kennels in June, 1999.   The puppy developed a seizure disorder of unknown origin and subsequently died one evening in January, 2000.   Mrs. Roberts evidently bonded quickly and closely with her new friend.   Following is her letter to Laura Kennels owner, Tom Farmer.  


Tallahassee, Florida 
February 17, 2000

Dear Tom,

As you know, I miss my Sugar very much.  She was an extraordinary dog.  Everyone who met her remarked on what a wonderful temperament she had.  She was always calm,  even when very little.  When we rode in the car, she would be so still, not bouncing all over like my German Shepherd did.  When we walked, she always had an aura of calm assurance, constantly looking to me to see what I wanted her to do, her concentration was beyond anything I've ever seen in a dog. 

Since I've taken some time off to reflect on her,  it almost seems as if she knew she was not long for this world, because we shared a lifetime of loving in the time we had. We were as close as I believe it possible for a person and dog to be.  I loved her and she loved me.  We had a special bond between us, everyone could see it and there was never any mistake who her mistress was, her eyes were constantly on me if we were not actually touching.

I believe that God sent her to me.  The reason I believe this is because she had lessons to teach.  From her I learned to appreciate every day as the gift that it is.   I learned how important it is to value those you love, because you never know how long they  will be with you.  To always show love and joy when you are with someone who you love.  I learned to enjoy still and quiet time to just reflect on the small things that make our world so beautiful, like butterflies, clouds, rain, flowers.  To appreciate every thing I've been given in this life.  She taught me these things and many more.  I would not take anything for the time we had together, as a bond like that comes around only rarely in this life.

She was loved, cherished, and well cared for in her short life.  My husband, Jim says that he wants to come back as one of my dogs! 

Thank you for the opportunity to entertain an angel and learn from her and care for her and love her.  I would do it all again, every bit, even knowing the outcome because Sugar and the time I spent with her was precious to me.

Thanks again for everything. 
Yours in Christ, 

Nylene Roberts