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Grandmother Knows

Doug Deaton, a police officer in Texas submitted these comments about his American Bulldog, Gator.   Gator is out of Ruckus and Possum.

My Grandmother is 75 years old and she still lives on the ranch back home.  When she saw Gator, she knew immediately what he was even though she had never heard the term, "American Bulldog".  She recognized him as a bulldog and called him that.  She said that when she was a little girl living on a farm in San Saba, Texas, she had a white bulldog that looked a lot like Gator.  She told me that during roundup, the dog would get onto unruly cattle and that she has very vivid memories of seeing cattle flinging their heads from side to side with that dog firmly attached to their noses.  She told me that she saw her white bulldog flip cattle completely down onto the ground after he had been hanging on for a long time.  She also said that he was always fighting other dogs that came onto the farm and that he even killed some of them.  Despite all of this toughness, she said that he would walk her to school and that he was a very good friend.  Keep in mind that all of this happened about 65 years ago in a part of Texas that was very rural.  Funny how my Grandmother recognized Gator for what he was the minute she saw him.  I guess that proves that I have a true, "OLD-TIME" Bulldog.