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Ch.Gr.Ch.Dixieman of Allen Scott

From American Bulldog: Stories, Facts, & Legends

By Lem Miller


"Had another pretty good dog named Dixieman of Alan Scott.  (Buster to all who knew him.)  Ya know Buster was the first and only, as far as I know, Grand National Dog Show Champion.

Buster was quite a dog.  He'd work cows like a Cur Dog.  He would circle and bay and catch when you sent him.  I could put Buster up in the back of my pickup and slap the side of the truck, tell 'im to watch it, and he wouldn't let nobody around it.  But if I didn't pat the side of the truck, anybody could crawl all over that ol' truck.  He wouldn't bother you, wouldn't growl or nothin'.  But if I told 'im to watch it--you couldn't get near it, he'd eat you up. 

One afternoon in the fall of 1978, I went to check my cows and took Dixieman along with me.  Well, the neighbor's bull, a brangus which would have weighed in excess of 1,600 pounds at the time, was in our pasture.  I started to run him back across the creek, but he had different plans. 

The old devil turned on me. 

Well, needless to say, I headed for the nearest tree.  As I was approaching it at a very rapid pace, of course, Buster heard the commotion and came running.  He caught the bull by the ear.  I didn't especially like for him to catch he ear, but at the time, I didn't give a darn where he caught the S.O.B. (sweet old bull).

Well, the battle had started and the bull tried to hook him off his ear, but old Buster just stuck to him.  Buster fought him until the bull went down on his knees.  I whistled and told him to drop the bull.  The bull got up, looked around and headed for the creek with Buster right behind him.  When he reached a scope of woods, just before the creek, the old devil decided he wanted some more and turned to fight again.  You heard about WW1 and WWII, well I got to see WWIII. 

Buster whipped him again, and the bull headed for home with Buster right behind him!

When they went into a creek, the bull started up a bank that was too steep.  When he turned to come back, Buster caught him again.  He pulled the bull's head under water, and when  he came up, he blew water out of his nose.  I bet he went six feet back up the same bank again--this time to climb out.  When he got out, Buster stopped the chase and came back to me as if to see if I was all right.

We finished checking our cows and went home to tell my wife about WW III.