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Lorne's Bear I Know
aka Bear










Lorne's Bear I Know
aka Bear

He is out of Eli and Misty 
owned by Greg and Kricket Barineau

(Note: Bear is a full belly brother to our Stonewall Jackson)

Kricket writes the following note:

"Don't know if anyone told you, but Bear has adopted the family next door to us and takes care of them too.  
One evening they had their tiki torches burning outside and the wick from one of them fell into the fluid and started burning out of control.  The grandmother there is almost completely deaf but Bear was literally BANGING into the door to get their attention and she heard him.  She was able to get her daughter and put out the fire.  She said she had no doubt that he saved their home from burning down !!  He also takes care of Grandma when they go on their afternoon walks.  She has a walker and on more than one occasion Bear senses when she is getting tired and he will stand fast in front of that walker and refuse to move until he feels she has rested long enough.  What a great guy!!  
Greg took Bear in for his check up last week.  Our Vet sits on the Georgia Veterinary Ethics Board and says that Bear is the finest specimen of an American Bulldog he has ever seen.  He said that Bear has more mass and muscle than any one he has seen before  He weighs 95 lbs.  You know if it hasn't been said before, Thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful boy!!!!"