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By Darin Jones

Darin Jones, Alan Scott, Cell Ashley


There was a dog named Prince that used to be in the back of a pickup every Saturday at Collinsville Trade Day in Collinsville, Alabama, USA. This was a place where on a good day you could see Cel Ashley, Alas Kittle, G.L.Williamson, and Alan Scott all in one day at this place.

Prince belonged to Mr. Kittle.  He was a large dog with a big head.  Everyone has different views on his weight,myself I would guess he probably weighed around one hundred pounds.

Mr. Kittle received a distress call one morning from some folks in a nearby community.  It seems there was a Saint Bernard who had been given his free run.  This Saint Bernard had killed a couple of head of cattle and several goats.

There were about 10 people there when Mr. Kittle and Prince arrived at the farm that the Saint Bernard was visiting that day. Once in the Pasture, he told Prince to catch the dog.

Prince caught and held the dog. One man wanted the dog so they were going to let him take it. As Mr. Kittle broke Prince off the dog he went for Mr. Kittle this was his last mistake. Prince broke his neck.

Prince was killed in the eighties by a reckless driver. Some say that he had to run off the road to kill him. Like many of the dogs, around those days no one knows where Prince came from.

Mr. Kittle passed away in 1995. This man loved AMERICAN BULLDOGS. When Cell Ashley was asked where he got his first A.B. He said from Alas Kittle...?