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Eli  /  May Mobley
 Here  Is  A  Picture  Pedigree
Showing  Origins  For  This  Pairing
And  Of  Pups  It  Has  Produced  In  The  Past

White Bandit's Joshua's Dancer Joshua's Faulkner's Laura's Laura's Laura's Laura's
Snowflake aka "Atze" of Judah At Mac's Pace Bama Girl King Gator Queen "JJ" Malachi May Mobley One
                |__________ __________|                                            |__________ __________|                                            |__________ __________|                                            |__________ __________|                            
  |                                                |                                                |                                                |                                             

Albany's Dixie Jack Albany's Lulu CH  Last Cavalry's Bane CH  CHK's Maleficent
|_________________________________________| |_______________________________|
| |
 Laura's  Dancing  Elijah  aka  "Eli" Laura's  Love  May  Mobley
  Pedigree  Pedigree

Pups Shown Below Are From Previous Litters
So You Can See What This Combination Produces
They Are NOT Available For Placement