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Malachi / Brick
Here Is A Picture Pedigree
Showing  Origins of Malachi and Brick
And Of Pups This Combination Has Produced In The Past

    Joshua's             Joshua's                  Wright's                    Wright's                           Konfederate's                     Mars Hill's                      Jam Up's                   Jam Up's               
        Isaac                   Zamar                  Rock-A-Feller         Tammy Wynette                      "Louie"
                           Peerless Payton                   Mitus                 Storm                    
|_____________|                        |_______________|                                                     |___________________|                                         |______________|        
   |                                                                    |                                                                                    |                                                                               |        


     Joshua's Jacob                         DMX's Eve of A.S.                                      Mars Hill's Rango                            Mars Hill's Tiny
|__________________________|                                                    |____________________________|
|                                                                                                          |

    Joshua's Malachi of Laura                                                        Laura's Mighty Brickhouse "Brick"
Pedigree                                                                                                 Pedigree
These Pups Are From Earlier Litters
Photos Are For Reference Only To Show What This Breeding Produces
They Are Not Available For Sale

Female born Jan 2020                                    Male born Jan 2020                                       Female born Jan 2020

Females born Jan 2020

Male born June 2018

Male 2018

Male born June 2018

Female 2019

Male 2019

Male 2019

Male Born January 2019